New Shoes, Next Step!

Ok, I finished my first Half Marathon.  I will proudly display 13.1 on my car! I made it through that first mile, relishing on all of the cheering from people I have never met, loving the volunteers who had that sip of water or Nuun to keep me going. These were welcome additions to my Vegan diet.  That sweet sip of Electrolyte made me think I was cheating…just a bit.

Thank you musicians for getting up early and playing for us in the cold.  So many great signs to that made me laugh and distract that pain that was creeping up on me. One of my  favorite signs, “WTF…where’s the finish?” The race was tougher than I thought! My very sweet boyfriend kept encouraging me even though my legs wanted to stop. He was chanting…”see” the finish, “be” the finish, you “are” the finish.  Didn’t I hear something similar to this in the movie Miss Congeniality? I finally passed by the UT Alumni center, put my Horns Up in honor of my father, who was THE pitcher for University of Texas in the ‘40s plus my largest cheerleader in everything, and found my way to cross the finish line to grab that metal and title!  I did it!  Now what?

How do I celebrate, a great meal, Pulled Pork and Asian Cole Slaw-very non Vegan-with a few friends and hit the pillow early that night.  Now it’s time for New Shoes.  Yes, this is a reward.  I am not finished with just one race. I have so much to improve upon. Time, endurance, pace, stamina all need work.  New shoes are a motivator…a symbol…a new beginning!  They are ready for me every time I want to slip them on and join my friends for a work out or Saturday long run. New beginnings are a chance to regroup, evaluate and plan for the next event.  Just like the new year. Yes, I will run the Austin Half Marathon on Valentine’s Day. I am still half crazy.

I have found running is like life.  There are ups and there are downs.  New shoes help you conquer what the run and life presents you!  Always run forward!


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